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Operation Round Up

Ocmulgee EMC was formed in 1938 and since then we have been dedicated to helping the people in our service territory. We do this by no only providing affordable electric service to our customers, but also by our active involvement in important community endeavors.

Now with Operation Round Up, an innovative program that provides financial assistance to worthwhile activities and worthy individuals in our service area, we can share a simple and rewarding way for Ocmulgee EMC members to help support our community.

Each month the electric bill of participating members are rounded up to the next highest dollar amount, and that extra change, anything from a penny to 99 cents, goes into the Operation Round Up fund administered by the Ocmulgee EMC Foundation Board. The average contribution is just 50 cents a month. That may not seem like a lot, but with a majority of Ocmulgee EMC members participating, Operation Round Up is able to do a world of good. The funds are used to help qualifying charitable/community organizations with specific needs that they have and to help people in need of assistance. All donations are tax-deductible and members will receive a summary of contributions at year’s end.

Decisions about the disbursement of funds are made by a 7-member board, the Ocmulgee EMC Foundation Board of Directors. The members of this group evaluate the applications for assistance and make final decisions on funding requests at the regular meetings. They serve as volunteers and receive no pay or other compensation for their time and efforts.

For more information about Operation Round Up, please call 478-374-7001.


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