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Community Development

Ocmulgee EMC is able to help you create or enhance your community development efforts. Whether you are a new volunteer or a veteran elected official, we have a number of programs that can be customized to meet your needs. With our participation in the economic development services offered through Georgia EMC, we can assist communities with the development of strategic economic development plans and provide training and orientation on the economic development process.

Facilitation Services

Through Facilitation Services, we help local economic development and business organizations create a strategic plan for the future. This includes helping communities find the direction they want to take over the next 25 years, and assisting chambers of commerce in taking a leadership role to make that future direction a reality.

Other services offered include: creating a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats); facilitating town hall meetings to disseminate information and gather public input on your economic development activities; and holding retreats for development organizations and chambers of commerce, as well as for locally elected officials where principles of team and consensus building are emphasized.

Team Building

Effective teamwork is vital to economic development success. That's why Community Development services include a course that encompasses team building and leadership development. This program uses self-assessment and problem-solving techniques to help build cohesiveness among groups that function as teams, such as elected officials and chamber of commerce and development authority executives.

Presentations & Training

Creating a plan for the future is only a part of the economic development challenge. Once communities know where they're headed, they need to figure out the best way to sell themselves to the world at large. Community Development can help in this area through its comprehensive Presentations & Training services. For instance, the Sales Team Training Program will help make sure the team that markets your community to businesses and industry has the knowledge and experience that's required in today's competitive environment.

Among other services, which cover areas such as business retention and expansion, retail/commercial development and tourism development, we also offer the comprehensive Community Economic Development Orientation Program (CEDOP). CEDOP is a one-day orientation initiative designed to give community volunteers and elected officials an overview of economic development in Georgia. CEDOP teaches participants about the critical role that local leadership plays in economic development success.

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