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Frequently Asked Questions

The billing questions which we are asked most often are posted here for your information. If your particular question isn't answered here, please let us know and we will be glad to provide you with an answer.

Contact our Customer Service Department at (478) 374-7001. You may also e-mail them at

What do I do if my bill is higher-than-normal?

If you receive a bill that is higher than normal, the first thing to look for is how many days of service were in the billing period. Calculate your daily kwh usage for the current month by dividing the kwh usage by the number of days in the billing period, compare it to your average daily usage over the past several months. If it's significantly different, stop to think if you have added a major appliance or altered your lifestyle in some way that would account for the change. Also compare the meter reading on your bill to the reading on the meter.

How can I be certain my bill is correct when it fluctuates?

While most residential electric accounts follow a typical pattern of seasonal usage, occasionally a customer will experience a higher than normal or lower than normal bill. In the average home, over forty percent of the energy bill goes to heating or cooling. This makes the amount of your bill very sensitive to changes in weather. Sudden fluctuations can indicate a problem with equipment in your home.

Why is there a $10.00 base charge, even if I don't use any electricity?

While most of the costs associated with purchasing electricity and delivering it to your home are built into the rates for each kwh you consume, the fixed costs associated with providing electrical service, which reoccur every month, are recouped in the form of a base charge. These fixed costs include the electrical system such as poles, wire, transformers, and meters, as well as reading your meter and processing, printing, and mailing a monthly bill.

How am I charged for a security light?

The monthly fee for your security light includes all energy consumed by the light and any maintenance required. Since the light is connected directly to Ocmulgee EMC primary power lines, the energy used by the light does not affect your home's energy bill and is not registered on your home's meter.

I did not receive my bill this month, what should I do?

You should receive your bill approximately thirty days apart. If you do not receive your bill near the normal billing date, please contact our Customer Service Department, as we cannot be responsible for delays or misdirected mail by the postal service. As stated on the bill this is the only statement you will receive, you will not receive a late notice. Accounts not paid by 5 days after Due Date are subject to disconnect for non-payment without further notice.