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Sample Bill

Shown here is a sample of Ocmulgee EMC's electric bill. An explanation is given for each numbered item.

Sample Bill

  1. Account Number: Uses a unique member number with a suffix for different accounts.
  2. Cycle: The monthly billing is divided into 51 cycles. Each cycle lasts for about 30days. Your cycle begins the day your meter is read and ends the day before your meter is to be read.
  3. Service Period: Shows what time period your bill covers.
  4. No. Days: The total number of days for which current charges are assessed.
  5. KWH Usage: This is the total kilowatt-hours used this current month.
  6. Present Reading: The latest kilowatt-hour reading that was recorded by the meter reader.
  7. Previous Reading: Last month's kilowatt-hour meter reading.
  8. Due Date: The date your bill is due for services rendered without late charges.
  9. History: Track your electricity use over the last 13 months.
  10. Delinquent Information: Important information concerning late payments and cut-offs.

For additional information or assistance, contact Customer Service.