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Troubleshooting Your Bill

Here are a few steps that can be used if you think your bill is too high.

  • Look at your last 12 months kilowatt hour history. The graph provided on your current bill can be helpful or you can call Ocmulgee for help.

  • Check to be sure exactly what charges are included on the bill. Are there other charges beyond electric service? Have arrears been added to the total? Are there miscellaneous charges added to the bill? Any security light charges? How about returned check charges, financing charges, etc.?

  • Check the number of days of usage. Is the number of days greater than other months in question because of meter readings cycles?

  • Check your daily kwh average. Divide the kwh usage by the number of days in the billing period. Compare it to your average daily usage over the past several months.

  • The meter measures energy usage. Remember that a short in the wiring will cause the meter to turn. There is no such thing as a "creeping" meter. If it moves, something is using electricity. Direct all of your attention away from the meter as the culprit. It is seldom the cause but often blamed. Less then 2 out of 1,000 meters are going to be wrong when tested. This includes running slow or running fast. Most old meters will likely run slow.

After you have followed these simple steps and still are not satisfied, please contact us for assistance.