What Is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives are owned by the people they serve. That means the people who buy electricity, own the company. This makes them unique, and it makes your participation vital. The leadership you elect sets policies that put you first. Because they are owned by the people they serve - local, personal service with an emphasis on the customer remains one of the key focuses at Cooperatives.

One very tangible indication of the benefits of being a cooperative member is the return of margins, or excess revenues, directly to the customer in the form of Capital Credits.

Cooperatives continually work to keep the electric rates as low as possible because they are not concerned with stockholder profits. They do not have stockholders. Cooperatives have consumer/owners and they know that the members want the lowest rates possible while maintaining a high degree of service reliability.

Cooperatives know that good service is extremely important. They know that their members expect the Co-op to be operated in a thoughtful and fiscally responsible fashion. And, they know that their members expect them to be a good neighbor. Cooperatives know this because they are local, they care, and they have the very valuable input of their owners.