Customer Choice

When the state legislature passed the Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act of 1976, it assigned exclusive service areas for connected loads under 900 kW. It also enabled most customers with connected loads over 900 kW to choose their power supplier.

So, if you’re locating a new facility or expanding in Georgia, you may be able to select your power supplier. In Georgia, it’s often possible to choose between three power supply alternatives: one of Georgia’s 42 locally managed and consumer owned Electric Membership Corporations, an investor owned utility or municipality.

This competition is made cost-effective through an agreement among Georgia’s major power suppliers that established joint ownership of the state’s transmission lines and substation facilities. The agreement formed the Integrated Transmission System (ITS).

This shared ownership of the ITS eliminates costly duplication and guarantees that each supplier has the ability to serve a customer choice facility.

Having the right power supplier is crucial, especially if your operation is energy intensive. Even if it isn’t, your power supplier can still have a major impact on production efficiency and profitability. And once you choose your supplier, it’s permanent.

So, when you’re looking at alternatives, evaluate their quality of service, reliability, load management incentives, and current and future rate structures closely. And take advantage of your power choice. 

Location Assistance

Give us your requirements and the Georgia Center for Site Selection will find the best location. Our economic development team offers confidential site selection assistance. We can even take you on a personalized site tour.

You’ll have access to a computerized data bank that contains detailed descriptions of more than 46 million square feet of available industrial and speculative space across the state. Searchable database

You’ll get descriptions of over 215,000 acres of industrial parks, districts and freestanding sites. And our Industrial Site Planning team can assess a site to determine what is needed to accommodate your facility. Searchable database

We’ll provide a statewide overview of demographics and business factors – information that is crucial in selecting the best site. Plus, you can get comparative studies of your targeted communities.

Let us assist you with community evaluations. Our staff will plan community visits, site or building inspections, and arrange contacts with local community and business leaders, as well as state and local government officials.

No matter what your requirements are, the Georgia Center for Site Selection will help you find the best location. For more information, please e-mail them at or call at 1-800-339-7185 or contact Ocmulgee EMC’s Member Services Department.

Retail & Commercial

Ocmulgee EMC is able to offer economic development services, to the communities we serve and developers or retailers who are looking for a retail site in Georgia, through our participation in Georgia EMC’s Georgia Center for Site Selection. The Center’s goal is to familiarize you with the benefits of successful retail attraction and to provide access to our varied resources, such as demographic information, to assist in your pursuit of quality retail establishments.

As a community there are steps that you can take, such as developing a strategic plan, that will guide you through this process and help maximize your time.

As a developer or retailer, please feel free to call upon our resources to assist you in your search for a retail site in Georgia.

For additional information, please contact the Georgia Center for Site Selection by e-mail at or call 1-800-339-7185 or contact Ocmulgee EMC.

Site Planning

One of the most critical factors to the success of local industrial recruitment efforts is the availability of quality industrial sites. Our Industrial Site Analysis services can ensure that the availability of well-planned industrial sites is not a limiting factor in your economic development program. We can also assist you with getting maximum utilization of existing sites in your community. Our BuildingBank and SiteBank searchable databases have provided the ability to identify potential building and site alternatives through Georgia.

Our aerial photography program is a valuable tool for orienting prospects to community features and resources before, during and after a visit to the area. In addition to their orientation uses, our color and black & white photographs provide a vertical perspective that can be reproduced to specific print sizes and in various scales. This makes them an excellent tool for calculating distances, acreage and as preliminary site planning for industrial prospects.